Sara Ruvalcaba  - Lead Vocals

Sara grew up in Hollister and is one of the founding members of Soul Kiss band which she started in 2005.  She is the lead vocalist in Soul Kiss and also sings in SBCL country band. She started singing at a young age and has been rockin ever since. 

Eric Bridgeford - Rhythm/lead guitar

A young blood out of Pennsylvania and the newest addition to the Soul Kiss family. Eric is a math doctor just getting into rock and roll. That doesn't stop him from doing his best to keep everyone on their toes with his stage antics.

Cassie Blake - Vocals

Cassie was born and raised in San Jose and spent a few summers starring at Paramount's Great America in musical performances. She has performed in various musicals throughout the bay area. 

​​Soul Kiss Members

James Myrick  - Drums

James has been banging the drums in the Gilroy / Hollister area for many years.  James is one of the founding members of Soul Kiss and has been holding down the beat from the beginning..

Ronnie Ruvalcaba  - Bass, Vocals

Ronnie is an inspiration and the keeper of the groove.  He has been in multiple bands throughout the years. He has seven fingers on his left hand which makes him capable of awesome bass licks.

Jack Jenney -Lead/Synth Guitar,Vocals

Jack played trumpet in jazz bands through college and then switched to guitar.  He was a member of Floyd's Ordeal in the 90's.  Jack moved to Hollister and joined Soul Kiss in 2011.